How to Find Us
Darts Farm, Clyst St. George,
Exeter, Devon, EX3 0QH

Ale House & Cider Barn 

The Ale House at Darts Farm is a magnet of interest and a real favourite with the thousands of customers shopping at Darts Farm Village every week. In the south west there is a wealth of national, regional and craft brewers, brewing a range of outstanding ales and beers that cover the whole spectrum of ales, beers, fruit beers, lagers and craft beers.

The Ale House provides the customer with an amazing retail experience with easily the greatest selection of beers within the South West of England. In the last year strong growth has continued in beer sales, with particular interest in craft and artisan products which have broadened the style range available. Female customers are showing a growing interest in these new styles of beer and more customers are looking to match beer with food. The Ale House developed from a very small beginning in 1994 when Darts Farm started as a farm shop and introduced a retailing opportunity.

At Green Valley we were already selling ciders so the business opportunity to offer a range of beers that were different to the offerings from off licences and supermarkets was too good to ignore. From a starting point of just 8 beers the Ale House has increased its range to well over 400 different ales, beers and lagers; seasonal beers such as mild’s in May and a large selection of Christmas beers are also presented.

The Ale House has become established as the beer shop to visit in the West Country. The sales format is distinctly different with beers being displayed according to the county or geographical area of origin, craft and speciality beers are displayed by style or season. Enthusiastic customer support and purchasing guidance is provide by passionate, and informed staff with over 100 years of combined work experience within the drinks industry. Staff can make informed suggestions for beers to accompany menu ideas and encourage having beer with food. Information to enable customers to make good choices for beer as a gift is a speciality of the shop. Customer appreciation and knowledge of beer is developed through informed conversations with Ale house staff and Ale House tastings.Brewers hold in store tastings, which provide the opportunity for us to develop good relationships with brewers, and for customers to sample and learn first hand about their beers. Organised visits to breweries are great fun and build strong relationships with customers as well helping staff to become more knowledgeable.

The Cyder Barn is absolutely bursting with ciders, probably the best selection in the UK. The ciders range all the way from small craft producers to national brands as well as the award winning Green Valley cyders, made within the Cyder Barn. The Cyder Barn is a key feature within the multi-award winning Darts Farm at Topsham, near Exeter in Devon; awarded the Best Large Farm Shop in the UK 2015. Darts Farm is a firm favourite with thousands of customers shopping here every week and a real “destination” for visitors to Devon. Green Valley Cyder has been part of Darts Farm for 26 years and is recognised as a true beacon of the cider maker’s craft in the West Country making an exciting range of craft cyders from cider apples sourced only from East Devon Farms. During the cider making season customers in the Cyder Barn can enjoy the unique retail experience of seeing the cidermakers in action. Watching the apples being milled, the apple “cheese” being built, loaded onto the 90 year old Stowe hydraulic press and finally are able to see the cascade of juice produced. Customers are invited to taste the freshly pressed apple juice and the cyders made from it. The Cyder Barn has probably the largest collection of ciders, perry’s, naturally sparkling ciders (method champenoise) pear ciders and fruit ciders in the country. Away from the apple pressing season visitors can watch the cider making process on video and see the cider makers blending, filtering and preparing the Green Valley label cyders.

Awarded UK Independent Cider Retailer of the Year 2014.
We are rightly proud of tremendous range of Ciders and Bottled Beers